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 Property Management

Specialising in property management, RISE, Property Agents supports home owners across the Gold Coast with all aspects of property. 

As your RISE Property Agent our aim is to maximise your income and minimise any loss by acting on your best interest, both legally and ethically.  As trained and qualified professionals, it is our responsibility to advise you of legislation and your obligations and rights are as a landlord, which includes assisting you with plenty of information for self managing landlords!

Included Services

  • One-off tasks for private landlords including conducting a comprehensive entry condition report to document the condition of the property before handing over to the tenant. 

  • Advertise your property for lease.

  • Screening tenants by using comprehensive application forms, rental reference checks and tenancy default checks.

  • Conducting open/private homes for potential new tenants.

  • Drafting and executing lease agreements according to legislation. 

  • Facilitating communication between landlord and tenant.

  • Maintenance checks and arranging trades quotes.

  • Processing Insurance claims. 

  • QCAT claims and court attendance including paperwork involved.

  • Utility and council rates payments on behalf of the landlord.

  • Rent collection & disbursement of rental funds into landlord bank accounts.

  • Comprehensive entry, routine and exit condition reports with photos. 

  • Lodging and processing bonds. 

  • Lease renewal paperwork including rent increase valuations.

  • Comprehensive Rental Market Analysis.

  • On charging water usage to tenants.

  • Rental legislation advisory.

  • Rental increase valuations.

  • Assisting Self Managing Landlords

  • Airbnb & Short Term Letting

  • Rooming accomodation Agreements

Entry Condition Reports

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