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Gold Coast

Investor Support

RISE Property Agents specialises in supporting Investors throughout the entire purchasing and investment journey. We support you by providing sound advice on rental return figures including maintenance and outgoing costs, checking on tenancy and property due diligence before you buy and also implementing processes and procedures and set up self managing landlords for success!

Included Services

  • Management of your investment properties.

  • Access to investor information packs.

  • One - off tasks for self managing landlords such as detailed entry report, screening tenant, drafting a lease (rooming accommodation or general tenancy agreement) lodging bonds and then letting the self managing landlord manage the tenancy themselves. 

  • Conduct comprehensive rental appraisals on ALL properties you’re looking to purchase.

  • Giving a Comparable Market Analysis on each rental property.

  • Access to statistics & data on the current rental market.

  • Advice on what tenants are currently seeking in a property to get more value out of your investment.

  • Advice on securing a suitable tenant.

  • Advice on the potential percentage returns.

  • Professional advice of any works to achieve higher returns.

  • Advice on how to increase your current returns.

  • Give a quality tenant attraction rating.

  • Attend any auctions/inspections on your behalf.

  • Attend pre-settlement inspections.

  • Video pre-settlement inspections and email a report back to you for interstate/international investors.

  • General tenancy & legislation advice.

  • Property Contract sheets: Tradespeople, building inspectors, mortgage brokers, salespeople etc…..

  • Arrange transfer of management forms & deliver them for you.

  • Pick up all files, keys and relevant information.

  • Then carry out all the above after the handover of your investment has been completed. 

  • Property Cashflow sheet on estimated figures.

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