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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy landlord insurance?

Life changes such as job loss and marriage break down and can some times can lead to unexpected changes/behaviour in tenants, therefore landlord insurance is strongly recommended to protect your investment in situations like this.

What kind of services do you offer?

We can facilitate the management of your property from beginning to end or we can do a one off task if you are privately managing yourself. 

What is your role as my property manager?

The key role as your property manager is to maximise your income and minimise any loss by acting on your best interest, both legally and ethically and as trained and qualified professionals, it is our responsibility to advise you of legislation and what your obligations and rights are as a landlord, this includes a duty of care to your tenant. 

I'd like to switch agents, do you charge for this?

No, its free to switch over to us, you will just need to sign a transfer of management form with us and provide us your current agents contact details so we can reach out to them and provide them with the end of management notice as per your current agreement. 

What happens when you take over from my old agent?

We will collect all files and keys that your old agency currently holds, contact the tenant to advise a change of agency including communication details and banking details and visit your property and tenants to introduce ourselves and do a quick inspection of your property.

Why do I have to sign the Form 6 management agreement?

It is a legal requirement for agents to be appointed in writing before we can begin managing your property, we would be breaching the law if we don’t have an agreement in place. 

Do I need professional photos?

It is not a legal requirement to take professional photos, however they are one of the most effective ways to attract potential/quality tenants quickly and presents your property in the best possible way!

What is the process if I wanted to end the management agreement with you?

You can end the agreement with us anytime by providing 30 days notice in writing. 

How often do you conduct routine inspections and can I join in?

Yes, off course, you are welcome to join a routine inspection with us, inspections are conducted every 3 months with a minimum of 7 days notice via an entry notice. 

Do you manage rooming accomodation agreements?

Yes, if you have decided to lease your granny flat or bedrooms, we can assist in rooming accommodation lease agreements and the management of that type of tenancy. 

What do I need to do to get my property ready for lease?

Landlords have an obligation to ensure the property is clean and in good repair before leasing to tenants, this includes smoke alarm and pool compliances are being met. 

What is your procedure for rental arrears?

Rental arrears are reviewed and acted upon daily. It is best practice for us to contact the tenant via phone call, sms and email as soon as the tenant reaches 2-3 days rent arrears as a courtesy reminder to let them know their rent is overdue. If the tenant reaches 7 days and has been non responsive, we will contact you to let you know we will be issuing a breach notice, unless you request us not too. We will also update you if the tenant pays the rent arrears and gets back on track. 

How often will I hear from you?

No news, is usually good news, therefore if you hear from us, it is usually because I am following up with paperwork, the tenant has requested maintenance or another issue that requires your knowledge. Other than that, you will hear from us when I have attended a routine inspection to update you on how it went or when we are sending you your monthly statement. 

What are your qualifications?

We are fully qualified and insured with valid licences. Our team attends training seminars every 6 months to keep up to date with legislation. 

What is your procedure if my tenant breaks the lease?

Sometimes your tenant may not be able to stay at the property and may need to vacate earlier than expected, if this happens your tenant will be considered breaking their lease and as such would be expected to pay break lease fee’s, this includes rent up until we secure new tenants so you don’t lose out on rental income.  

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